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Samir Sathe

Founder & Chairman

Wadhwani Foundation

Samir Sathe

Samir is a ‘Master of Change’, from INSEAD, France, a globally reputed top ranked school for business, management and psychology. Samir is trained in systems psychodynamic principles applied to self, organizations, businesses, societies with an objective to develop reflective leadership to manage change. Samir was certified in ‘Leading Professional Services Firms (LPSF), at Harvard Business School (HBS), and in ‘Challenges of Global Poverty’ at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

Samir is a unique thought leader in the space of disruptive excellence that envelopes transformative and productized AI enabled management and strategy consulting, small business ecosystems, systems approach to psychological well-being of the entrepreneurs, with a social motive to accelerate the economic growth of India and create jobs. Samir’s integrative forward-looking thinking spans the domains of Financial services, Private Equity, Food, Automotive, Healthcare, Medical devices and several other industries that matter for India.He has been a thorough professional for the last ~28 years with a global outlook. His work has impacted 100s of organizations and ecosystems, in India, Asia, Middle East, the UK and the US.

Samir has been instrumental in creating a brand for himself and for the Advantage program. This forum was able to recognize his professional excellence though his thought leadership when he authored several articles exhibiting his truly original ideas, publications such as INSEAD Knowledge, Financial Express, Asia Online, Economic Times, SME Street, Your Story, Industry 4.0 etc.; He has delivered speeches and participated in panels on public, private, philanthropic and educational media platforms in India and globally and during our research in finalizing the awards.

Samir is a polymath. They call him workaholic and yet he manages engage himself in multiple talents that he gifted with and committed to. He is an Indian classical music vocalist and performer in public and private fora,he is a fine artist and does paintings. He is Founder of ‘LiveArt’, a foundation set up to promote and enhance knowledge in performing and fine arts. He played professional cricket for Mumbai (India) at the state level in 1987; was selected to migrate to England in 1989 to play for county cricket in the UK but he politely declined citing music was his first love! He is a calligrapher, has composed poems in Marathi and English and is constantly seeking to learn from any source, a mark of a true student of life.He still finds time to meditate on God!

Samir’s brand persona and his contribution to nation building is straight out of his passion to be of tremendous utility to others, coupled with his talents and commitment. Thank you, Samir for accepting this award, and we look forward to your guidance to building India.

Distinguished Professor for the Program
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